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Weapons Awareness Resource Page

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Weapons Awareness Resource Page

Following an increase in exclusions in which weapons have been a contributory factor, and a number of high profile national incidents, a task and finish group was called to establish how schools could be supported to respond to this changing and unpredictable situation.

Group Young TeensWe know that as young people develop into maturity they naturally experiment with their behaviour and test boundaries.  The younger they are the less capacity they will have for restraining themselves, resisting temptation or resisting peer pressure. Building resilience and creating a culture where young people feel safe to discuss their anxieties or raise concerns for their peers is the best approach to prevention.

It was felt that the most effective means would be to compile a range of resources from which schools can choose and/or adapt to suit their individual circumstances. They have been sourced from a variety of places and are not accredited. 

This has been a collective effort and we trust that you will find the resources helpful.  If you use one of these resources we would be very grateful if you could provide feedback which we can then share. Equally if you locate resources which you think other schools would find helpful we are happy to provide a link on this site. 

We have also included links to current Department for Education guidelines supporting this area.

DfE guidance

Searching, screening and confiscation advice Sept 2016: DfE guidance (pdf) Advice for headteachers, school staff and governing bodies.
Preventing bullying: DfE guidance

Prevention resources for schools

Billy's Wish

  • Billy’s Wish is a registered charity that was set up following the tragic death of Billy Dove, the victim of knife crime in the early hours of 6th November 2011.
  • In 2013 the Billy’s Wish Anti Knife Crime Education Programme was launched.


Lives not knives

  • Lives Not Knives is an innovatory youth-led organisation dedicated to preventing youth violence and reducing gang related crime in Croydon.
  • This page gives access to the online versions of their knife crime prevention courses


 2 Smart 4 - teachers' pack

  • This year, for the first time, 2 Smart has been extended to cover four key areas; knives, bullying, drugs and alcohol- all of which are likely to be issues to most young people at some point in their lives.
  • This guidebook has been produced as a resource to support the 2 Smart shows.

2 Smart 4 teachers' pack (pdf)

The Ben Kinsella Trust 

  • Ben Kinsella was just 16 years old when he was stabbed to death, in a horrific act of senseless violence on the 29th June, 2008 in Islington, London.
  • The Ben Kinsella Trust is battling against knife crime through education and awareness.
  • The trust offers workshops, youth programmes and free resources for teachers.


Information for other areas

Aberdeen City Council Knife Strategy

This is the link to the implementation of anti-weapon/knife strategy by Aberdeen City Council following the independent review carried out following the death of pupil Bailey Gwynne and attached is the draft implementation plan. It appears that they are adapting the resources from the Ben Kinsella Trust.

Aberdeen City Council Knife Strategy

Only Cowards Carry

  • Only Cowards Carry Weapons Awareness was founded in November 2012 by Caroline Shearer in memory of her 17 year old son Jay Whiston, who was fatally stabbed in September 2012.
  • They offer interactive and memorable weapons awareness workshops


Westley's Weapons Awareness

  • Founded by Ann Oakes-Odger following the Murder of her Son, Westley Odger on the 12th September, 2005.
  • Workshops for Schools, Youth Groups, young offenders…hosting presentations for parents and teachers, so they are aware of the input their children will be receiving.
  • The programme was originally designed to deal with offenders only, but it soon became apparent that if many of these young people had been provided with the information about the consequences of carrying a ‘Knife’ then they would never have entered the Criminal Justice System.
  • The project is now part of preventative, restorative justice and reparation measures provided in Schools, Youth Groups and Associated Organisations.


Double Edge - Weapons Awareness Programme

  • Double Edge from Lewisham Youth Offending Service aims to reduce weapons-related re-offending amongst young people who have already been convicted of a weapons offence.
  • Double Edge aims to reduce weapons-related re-offending amongst young people who have already been convicted of a weapons offence. It involves an 8-week course, 2 hours per week, for 10 young people aged 10-17. The programme runs four times per year.


Aberdeen Weapon/Knife Crime Resource for Schools

These lessons focus on raising awareness of weapon/knife crime and the consequences of carrying a weapon/knife.

Aberdeen City Council weapon awareness booklet (PDF)

For parents

Useful advice for parents about gangs and gang crime for parents from NI Direct

Gangs and gang crime: advice for parents

Billy’s Wish is a registered charity that was set up following the tragic death of Billy Dove, the victim of knife crime in the early hours of 6th November 2011.

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