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Exclusions and Reintegration

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Exclusions and Reintegration

Local and National Guidance

The Exclusions & Reintegration Team aims to support the inclusion, in suitable education provision, of vulnerable children without an education placement or at risk of exclusion. The Team provides advice and guidance to schools, governors and families in managing exclusions with intervention in individual cases and liaison with schools, other education providers and families in the case of young people who have no education placement.


Schools routinely notify the LA of all exclusions. Where schools exclude pupils for a fixed term or permanently, the LA monitors and administers the process, which is set out by DfE, offers advice on procedures and collates data for DfE and for other professionals.

The Exclusions & Reintegration Officers (EROs) visit parents at home when a child is excluded permanently and offer intervention where a pupil is at risk of permanent exclusion, promoting alternative strategies such as Managed Moves, Restorative Justice or Mediation.

Advice on procedures in individual cases is also offered to schools, governors and parents:

Fixed-term exclusions - 45 days maximum in one school year
Lunchtime exclusions count as a half-day exclusion
Permanent exclusions  - as a last resort after cumulative fixed term exclusions or as a ‘one-off’ for a serious offence such as:

  • serious actual or threatened violence against staff or another pupil
  • sexual abuse or assault
  • supplying illegal drugs
  • using an offensive weapon

Only the Head Teacher or Teacher in Charge of a PRU can exclude a child.

The Pupil Referral Units invite parents and pupil for interview to discuss the provision to be made available from the 6th day after a permanent exclusion.

The governing board (or the management committee in the case of a PRU) consider the Head’s or Teacher in Charge of the PRU’s decision where exclusion is permanent, where a fixed period exclusion is over 15 days or where parents wish to make representations if the exclusion is 15 days or less.
If the governing board or management committee supports the Head Teacher’s decision to exclude permanently, parents have a right of appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel convened by the LA or Academy Trust.

The pupil is either reinstated following a reintegration meeting at school on return, or removed from school roll when the appeal procedure is exhausted.

Permanent exclusion cases, where a new mainstream placement is appropriate, are referred to the Fair Access Board. This Board was established under the Admissions Forum’s Arrangements for the Admission of Vulnerable and Challenging Children in order to identify and facilitate a suitable full-time educational placement with minimum disruption to the education of pupils permanently excluded from school.  It meets every half term to make recommendations on the appropriate placements for pupils with an action plan for reintegration & resources.

Options for Key Stage 4 pupils may involve alternative education provision.


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