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Wellbeing, behaviour and pastoral care

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Children in Employment and Entertainment

Group Children2Responsible for the monitoring, inspection and administration of employment permits for compulsory school age children.

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Children Missing Education

SistersWe are committed to ensuring that all pupils who go missing from schools in the county, or who disappear from other counties and may have arrived in Buckinghamshire, are speedily located.

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County Attendance Team

Boy StudyingThe County Attendance Team is a countywide service fulfilling the Local Authorities statutory responsibility to prosecute parents who fail to ensure their children receive a suitable education.

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Exclusions and Reintegration

HandshakeAdvice and guidance to schools, governors and families in managing exclusions with intervention in individual cases and liaison with schools

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Fair Access Board

StationeryThe decision making body that delivers the intentions all schools have signed up to under the Statement of Intent.

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Home Tuition and Hospital Teaching Services

1 Mother And ChildSchools are required to ensure that all children with medical conditions, in terms of both physical and mental health, are properly supported.

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Public Health

Orange BasketInformation in this area includes health promotion resources, training materials and PSHE support.

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Virtual School

Classroom SupportSupporting schools to maximise outcomes for their Looked After Children.

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Weapons Awareness

Sls Boys And BookResources and links providing guidance around weapons in school.

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