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Modernising Local Government – ONE new council for Buckinghamshire

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Modernising Local Government – ONE new council for Buckinghamshire


The county and district councils both agree the two-tier system is no longer fit for purpose and a unitary council should instead carry out all services in a given area - saving money, making things simpler and joining-up services.

Buckinghamshire County Council is proposing one, new county-wide unitary council, while the district councils are proposing two unitary councils, created by splitting Buckinghamshire into north and south.

A single unitary council would save the most money - at least £18m per year – whilst avoiding the disruption and risk caused by splitting the complex services for vulnerable people which are currently delivered on a county-wide basis - a move which would actually create additional layers of expensive management.

Our plans for community offices dotted around the county would provide physical local access points to services, and decisions on local issues would be taken by local community boards. 

In March the Government announced it was ‘minded-to’ implement one new county-wide unitary council, which it said is ‘likely to improve local government and service delivery in the county’. North/ south unitary councils are ‘unlikely to improve local government in the area’, it added. However, before making his final decision Secretary of State James Brokenshire wants to hear people’s views by May 25.

Read about the plans

Submit your views

You can use the below form to give your views, which will be sent directly to the Secretary of State’s inbox 

If you wish to email him yourself, his address is james.brokenshire@communities.gsi.gov.uk

(please use a personal rather than school email address if possible).

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