Go for Gold

Go for Gold

Go for Gold is an incentive-based scheme developed to encourage children and their parents to use sustainable travel modes for the school journey.

The aim is to reduce the number of car trips made to and from school, ease pollution; encourage walking; promote healthier lifestyles for pupils and their families and reduce our carbon footprint on the world.

Go for Gold achieved international recognition when it was awarded the first International Walk to School Award in March 2004.  It has since been replicated by many other Local Authorities and organisations.

Children are issued with a ‘passport’ which is stamped each time they make a sustainable journey to school. Certificates and stickers are awarded along the way. Once they have completed a passport they can redeem this for one of many free activities that Buckinghamshire County Council has negotiated with a number of leisure centres throughout Buckinghamshire. These include swimming, bowling and golf.

Certificates and/or incentives can be awarded in either class or assembly. Schools can choose to source their own incentive materials, although products can be ordered from our online shop, for a minimal cost.

The scheme can be run by parents, supported by pupils who are always keen to stamp the passports.  For further information on setting up Go for Gold at your school please take a look at the Guidelines in the Downloads.


Go for Gold competition

In the Autumn term of 2013-14, we ran a competition to redesign our Go for Gold Resources.

Congratulations to Ceri Marshall and Xantippe Steele from Whitchurch Combined School and Erin McGovern and Joseph Parambil from St Michael’s Catholic School who were the winners of our Go for Gold redesign competition.

They each won £25 of shopping vouchers and a Scooterpod for their school.

Their fantastic drawings have been used to produce the current bronze, silver and gold passports, plus the new certificate, all in the style of ALLF and his friends.

All of the resources can be ordered from our Online Shop that can be accessed from the Useful Links on the right-hand side.

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