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Support Services Meetings

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Support Services Meetings

Please find below the presentations from the latest Support Services Meetings.

November 2016

July 2016

February 2016

November 2015

May 2015

February 2015

November 2015

May 2014

February 2014

November 2013

November 2013 Agenda (Word)
Schools Forum Presentation (Powerpoint)
HR Updates (Powerpoint)
SIMS and FMS Update (Powerpoint)
Proposed Cloudless Backup solution for schools (Word)
Property - Marketing Strategy (Powerpoint)
Responsibility for Repairs and Maintenance (Word)
School Closures (Powerpoint)
School Conferences e-bookings (Powerpoint)
Traded Services slides (Powerpoint)
Briefing Notes for November 2013 Forum (Word)
Traded Services - Ledger Codes (Word)

May 2013

Support Service Forums Notes May 2013
Support Services Forum Satisfaction Survey May 2013 - Response action plan
Support Services Satisfaction Survey Outcomes
PSN Update May 2013
Support Services Forum May 2013 - integrated version
Traded Services Update - May 2013
BCC Schools Support Services Survey 
SIMS Presentation Summer 2013

January/February 2013 Forum

BCC Support Service Forums January/February 2013
ICT Packages
Buckinghamshire County Council and Updata
Financial Service Centre Services 2013-2014
Human Resources and Payroll
Commercial Services to Schools and Academies
Categories of Works for Pension Auto-Enrolment
Pensions Auto-Enrolment FAQs
Pensions Auto-Enrolment Schools Bulletin Article

November 2012

Questions raised at Support Services Forums
Schools Forum PSN Slides
Schools Forum November 12 SIMS Presentation
Hr Schools Forum Presentation

July 2012

BCC Support Services Forum July 2012 Agenda
eCRB Presentation July 2012
Support Service Centre Presentation
Pcard Schools Presentation
Building Surveying and Maintenance Presentation
SIMS Team Bursars Summer 2012
Responsibility for Repairs and Maintenance
Questions raised at Support Services Forums

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