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Physical Disability

Physical Disability Team

We are a team of specialist teachers and ICT facilitator who work with Children and Young People with or without Education Health Care Plans in Schools and Early Years settings.

We can provide support as needed, which may include:

  • Assessment of educational needs
  • Classroom observation to inform inclusive practice
  • Monitoring and recording progress
  • Advice on classroom management strategies
  • Advice on managing the learning environment
  • Support to ensure access the Curriculum
  • Working with child/young person in class if appropriate
  • Advice and support at school transfer
  • Training for school staff and other professionals.
  • Advice on local authority policy and local legislation
  • Advice on educational implications of the area of need
  • Input into the SEND plans, if appropriate.
  • Contribution to Annual Review, review meetings and multi-professional meetings
  • Liaison with other professional services and agencies and parents
  • Support with home/school liaison
  • Advice on appropriate equipment, materials and resources to support access and inclusion
  • Written reports as appropriate
  • Telephone/email support
  • Site Access visits to schools
  • Loan of equipment and resources (for students on caseload)
  • Written assessment reports as appropriate
  • Advice on use and maintenance of specialist equipment and materials
  • Advice and training of the use and management of specialist ICT equipment and software

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