Wycombe weekly newsletter 26th June 2021

Wycombe weekly newsletter 26th June 2021

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EP Virtual Consultation Sessions (VCS)

The school to book via the Everbrite booking system in a similar way to the ST drop-in sessions (see after referral form)

Network Group 1 Dr. Nick Jarrett (working Tuesday and Thursday), Network Group 2 Dr. Isabel Gregory (working Tuesday and Wednesday), and Network Group 3 Dr. Ann-Marie Faughey working full-time.

The VCS aims to provide a space for the school SENCo, Class teacher Headteacher to engage with the EP in a shared problem-solving consultation.

If individual children or young people are discussed during the VCS this must be done so anonymously, which means that no parental consent is required.

Each consultation will last for 30 minutes and the staff member is required to take notes. This is so the maximum contact with schools is possible. A scanned copy is sent to the EP with strategies, next steps, reflective of the discussion, etc. for the EP to sign and return. The consultation will not be able to be used in an APDR school provision map without this signature.  

A proforma below is required to be filled in at least 5 working days before the consultation or the meeting will not take place.

Given Dr. Nick Jarrett and Dr. Isabel Gregory's pro-rata hours, they will be holding VSC’s alternate weeks (below).

Dates starting w/b 7th June 2021 on the above respective EP days:

Half term

w/b 7th June 2021: Dr. Ann-Marie and Dr. Isabel Gregory

w/b 14th June 2021: Dr. Ann-Marie and Dr. Nick Jarrett

w/b 21st June 2021: Dr. Ann-Marie and Dr. Isabel Gregory

w/b 28th June 2021: Dr. Ann-Marie and Dr. Nick Jarrett

w/b 21st June 2021: Dr. Ann-Marie and Dr. Isabel Gregory

w/b 28th June 2021: Dr. Ann-Marie and Dr. Nick Jarrett

w/b 5th July 2021: Dr. Ann-Marie and Dr. Isabel Gregory

w/b 12th June 2021: Dr. Ann-Marie and Dr. Nick Jarrett

w/b 19th July 2021: Dr. Ann-Marie and Dr. Isabel Gregory

 If used this will result in 36 bespoke individual consultations, including the weekly solution circles work for each Network group. Please note that any significant and unexpected increase in the EHCNAs initiated during the Term may require us to review the proposed offer. Unfortunately, we continue to be unable to accept any requests for EP involvement directly from schools.

Please fill out (Copy and paste) and return the form to the EP connected with your network group (unless alternative arrangements have been made).

School: XXXX                                                                            Staff member: XXXX

Use this form to provide as much information as you can before your meeting as this will help guide the session.  Please ensure all pupil information given is anonymous and attach or bring a copy of the SEN Support Plan to the session where appropriate.

Background (e.g. age, type of setting, when did they join the setting, academic progress, social/emotional ability, main presenting needs, strengths, other agency involvement)

Home background with key areas of information that might influence school life


What you have tried? (Strategies currently/ already used, interventions in place)

In the different year groups

What has been more successful

What has been less successful and how would these differences be accounted for by staff.

How do parents view the ‘difficulties’ and have there been any joint home/school strategies?

Have any other services been involved and to what effect?

What you have learned?

Despite the intervention, this term and last year (pre-lockdown) this child is still struggling.

How can we help?

What would you like as an outcome of this virtual session?

Recommendations (to be completed at the session by a staff member):

Booking system via Everbrite

1:1 Virtual Consultations available on Eventbrite

Bookings close 3 working days (5 calendar days) prior to the session date

School books appropriate advice session slot

Booking logged on 1:1 Virtual Consultations spreadsheet (BSA)

School sent an email confirming details for the session and requesting proforma is completed (BSA)

Returned proforma saved in team folder (BSA)

Files to be named as School Name-000000-YYYY-MM-DD (date of session)

EP checks booking spreadsheet and sends Microsoft Teams meeting request to school via the address given

EP reads advice session Pro-forma and information from previous advice sessions attended in advance of the session

Advice Session Takes Place

EP saves updated proforma in folder and logs session details

Files to be named as: School Name-Pupil Ref-YYYY-MM-DD (date of session)

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