Educational Psychologist School Support

Educational Psychologist School Support

Half termly virtual consultation sessions where schools either solely or with limited number can consult for one hour. These will be taken from the EPs link schools, a patch of schools allocated to them.

Virtual Group Supervision Sessions

  • The named EP will contact the school cluster to arrange the virtual supervision session.
  • The supervision sessions will be informed by psychological models of supervision. They aim to promote problem solving and joint working in order to meet the needs of children, young people and families within the Wycombe area.
  • Members will be encouraged to bring cases for discussion. A ‘case discussion’ can centre on a young person, a family or a systemic issue.
  • All supervision group members will be required to sign up to a confidentiality agreement.
  • Any case discussion centring on young people, families or staff members must maintain anonymity. Consent for discussion will therefore not be required.
  • Themes and patterns emerging through the supervision sessions may lead to agreement of developing ‘themed sessions’ or training with the link EP if feasible.

The Request model

We have an anonymous consultation system. The advantage of working as a team is that anyone could take this on which does not require consent.

There is not a waiting list to these requests. They are triaged half termly on the basis of need.

Head teacher Supervision or SLT staff

Headteachers can request supervision from the Educational Psychology Service. This can be described as a confidential safe space for reflection, consideration, and processing of any concerning issues.

This can be offered for one hour per half term with your link EP.

Staff making any requests are asked to complete the appropriate form at least 10 days before the request is required. This will fit into the necessary timescales specified in the Local Offer agreement. Please contact your link EP for the appropriate forms.

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