Annual Review Actions checklist

Annual Review Actions checklist

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Action to be taken

Action date

Date of action

8 weeks prior to the AR meeting

If you have significant concerns about a child or young person please discuss these with your EHCCo at this point.



Write to the parents/young person inviting them to the meeting.




6 weeks prior to the AR meeting

As soon as the meeting is confirmed, send your EHCCo notification of the meeting date and time, highlighting if and why their attendance is requested.



Invite all relevant people to provide updated reports and attend the meeting.



Support the child or young person to think about and record his/her views and wishes.



4 weeks prior

Prepare the school/setting report for the annual review.



3 weeks prior to the AR meeting

The parent, child/young person returns a record of their views



Practitioners return updated reports and confirm whether they are attending



Collate updated reports, the parent and child or young person’s views and send to all those attending the meeting



1 week prior to the AR meeting

Ensure that the child or young person knows that it is his/her meeting. Give them choices where possible (seating arrangements, refreshments, music). Check how he/she wishes to contribute.



Agree chairing and recording roles.



Prepare what to say and take any information required to the meeting. Be clear what is important for the child/ young person.



Check the support the family wants (if any)



See the AR meeting agenda attached for how to structure the meeting


Within 2 weeks of meeting

Send a complete record of the meeting to the relevant EHC Coordinator/Team e-mail address along with an annotated copy of the EHCP with any changes proposed and any other supporting other paperwork listed on the meeting record form.



Within 4 weeks of meeting

Your EHC Coordinator will write the child’s parents or young person to inform them as to whether the Local Authority proposes to keep the plan as it is, amend it or cease to maintain it.




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