SENCo Support Network meetings

SENCo Support Network meetings

SENCo Support Network meetings aim to facilitate peer-to-peer support through a ‘solutions-focused approach encouraging SENCo’s to discuss specific cases to obtain ideas from colleagues and other professionals in the room in order to move things forward for the child or young person.

Meetings run half-termly and are facilitated by a Specialist Teacher and have an Educational Psychologist Assistant present. At present these sessions are running virtually and a Microsoft Teams invite will be sent directly to the SENCo shortly in advance of the meeting.  Please do contact us if you have not received invites to your meeting.

The following table lists the group and teacher involved who will be emailing out invites to invite SENCO’s to each half-termly meeting. Alternatively, please contact via for 2021-22 SENCo Support Network meetings:

 Group Name   Specialist Teacher 
 Secondary 1  Jane Lewis
 Secondary 2  Frankie Lazzari
 Primary 1  Emma Baker
 Primary 2  Emma Baker
 Primary 3  Sarah Gerhardt
 Primary 4  Fiona Downing
 Primary 5  Fiona Downing
 Primary 6  Jane Lewis
 Primary 7  Frankie Lazzari
 Primary 8  Stella Varley
 Primary 9  Sarah Gerhardt
 Primary 10  Frankie Lazzari
 Primary 11  Stella Varley
 Primary 12  Fiona Downing
 Primary 13  Rachel Irvine

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