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Aylesbury Area Cognition and Learning Service Brochure

Helping schools to meet the Special Educational Needs of Children and Young People

Cognition and Learning Teachers specialise in supporting schools to meet the needs of children and young people with specific and general learning difficulties. The Specialist Teachers are also experienced in identifying a range of other SEN needs and can advise schools on how to access further advice and support in these areas. We work with SENCOs, Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants (Tas) as well as directly supporting children and young people in schools.

The work of Cognition and Learning Specialist Teachers is focussed on early identification and prevention. We assist schools to promote quality first teaching strategies and targeted provision for groups and individual children and young people ‘whose learning difficulty or disability call for special educational provision, that is different from or additional to that normally available to pupils of the same age.(SEN Code of Practice 2014). We are also available to advise schools on particular strategies and interventions for children and young people with EHCPs relating to SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) and MLD (Moderate Learning Difficulties).

Cognition and Learning is part of the Aylesbury Area Integrated SEND Service giving our Specialist Teachers access to the skills and knowledge of a larger team of specialist professionals covering the wide spectrum of learning difficulties and disabilities. In addition, Cognition and Learning Teachers liaise with other agencies as appropriate.

Annual Packages and Support Options

We are committed to delivering the high quality support you need in order to make a difference to the achievement and learning of children and young people with SEN. Our services include:

Primary and Secondary School Support




Baseline Summary


This is suitable for children and young people who are causing initial concerns in one or two areas.

It will include a range of standardised tests appropriate to the individual child / young person, with a brief written overview of results and some follow-up recommendations.

3 hours

Full Assessment Report

This is suitable for children / young people who are having greater difficulties in several areas and are struggling to make progress despite quality first teaching and initial interventions.


The full assessment report provides a more thorough investigation of a child / young person’s learning needs and includes:

·        Standardised testing

·        Observations

·        Discussion with child / young person

·        Recommendations

·        Suggested targeted interventions to inform next steps / SEN Support Plans

4.5 hours





Specialist Teachers can offer training on a range of topics within the area of cognition and learning. These bespoke sessions can be tailored to suit schools’ needs


To be agreed with school

Consultative Support


Bespoke advice and support to help schools address the needs of individual pupils or groups of pupils with specific and general learning difficulties

To be agreed with school

Access Arrangements Assessments


School will receive advice on the most

appropriate access arrangements for identified students to support schools / settings in helping students achieve their full potential in GCSE / GCE exams.

This includes the Completion of Part C of Form 8 by Specialist Teacher.

45 – 90 mins per student*


*Please note that all timings are approximate and have been included as a guide to help schools decide which Package Option would best suit their needs (see below).

The above options may be purchased separately as ‘Pay-As-Use’ (subject to availability) or included within an annual package of support.

Annual Packages of Support

We understand that all schools are different and that needs and priorities change from year to year, and sometimes more frequently, so if you require something different we can tailor our service to meet your needs. Schools can use their support package as flexibly as they wish.

For example; an 18 hour package could be used for:

Three Baseline Summary Reports and Training/Consultative Support;


Three Baseline Summary Reports and two Full Assessment Reports;


Four Full Assessment Reports.

Your cognition and learning specialist teacher will be happy to discuss your requirements and help plan the delivery of your package support hours. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact Specialist Teachers

Phone: 01494 475199



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