Foundation Stage eProfiles

Foundation Stage eProfiles

eProfile - Important information – September 2016

Those schools currently using the eProfile may like to know that the software developer has updated the system to a browser-based platform. As a result, from September 2016 eProfile Standard, the standalone version of eProfile, is being discontinued but is being replaced by eProfile Cloud.

The new eProfile Cloud will run from software which needs to be installed on a user’s computer and a single site licence will cover all school staff, whether they are using eProfile Cloud in school or at home.

Existing eProfile standard users

If you have already started to add data to your existing copy of eProfile, this will continue to run until the end of December 2016.  Should you wish to continue using the eProfile through the cloud version, then the new software download will include a data transfer utility that will enable you to upload your current data to eProfile Cloud.

Given the move to the cloud version of eProfile, we will no longer be able support schools in the same way that we have done previously. Schools will therefore need to contact the software supplier directly via their website to find out further details as well as purchase an eProfile licence for this year.

The cost of an eProfile Cloud licence, which covers all users in a school, is normally £65 but given that Buckinghamshire is a previous customer, all schools will receive a £20 discount bringing the price down to £45.

Further information is available on the eProfile website.

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