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Newly Qualified Teachers

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Buckinghamshire Council do not act as an Appropriate Body for NQTs at present. We recommend you contact one of the Teaching Schools as detailed below.

The following links have updated information for NQT induction:

teaching talent

Appropriate Body Services for NQTs and NQT CPD 2020 - 2021

Teaching Talent Appropriate Body Services
Teaching Talent is a collaboration of five teaching schools in Buckinghamshire, three of which offer Appropriate Body Services for primary and secondary Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). Schools are free to choose with which Appropriate Body to register their NQTs, although Buckinghamshire Council recommends Teaching Talent Appropriate Body Services for schools in the county.

The Appropriate Bodies are:

  • Astra Teaching School Alliance
  • Cygnus Teaching School Alliance
  • Wycombe and Marlow Teaching School Alliance (WAM)

All the Teaching Talent Appropriate Body Services use the same online system, NQT Manager, to register, track and record progress and complete statutory assessments.

The Appropriate Bodies also offer a Core NQT Twilight Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Package for primary and / or secondary school NQTs. Schools can purchase the Appropriate Body Service and the NQT Core Twilight Training Package from the same Teaching School Alliance or different Teaching School Alliances.


  • The cost of the Appropriate Body Service for 2020 - 2021 is £255 per NQT + VAT.
    Please note that a £25 + VAT charge is applied for registrations received after the deadline of  3.30pm on Wednesday 2 September, and for late assessment submissions, to cover additional administration costs.
  • The cost of the NQT Twilight CPD Package is £250 per NQT + VAT for six core sessions related to the Early Career Framework.Special discounts may be available to schools with five or more NQTs. Please contact the relevant teaching school for more information.

The Appropriate Body ensures that:

  • Schools meet their responsibilities in respect of providing a suitable post for induction and that the monitoring, support, assessment and guidance procedures in place are fair and appropriate
  • Where an NQT may be experiencing difficulties, action is taken to address areas of performance that require further development and support
  • Where an institution is not fulfilling its responsibilities, contact is made with the institution to raise concerns
  • NQT records and assessment reports are maintained
  • A final decision is made on whether the NQT has met the relevant standards for satisfactorily completing induction or an extension is required because of extenuating circumstances and that the relevant parties are notified
  • The Teaching Regulation Agency is provided with details of NQTs who have started; completed (satisfactorily or not); require an extension; or left school partway through an induction period.

Core NQT Twilight CPD Package

All three Teaching Schools offer a Core NQT Twilight CPD Package. You can choose the package which is at the most convenient location for your NQTs. Astra provides Primary and Secondary CPD (North Bucks), Cygnus provides Secondary CPD only (South Bucks) and WAM provides primary CPD only (South Bucks).

Enquiries and Booking

Booking forms for the Appropriate Body Service and Core NQT Twilight CPD Package are available on the websites below, or via email.

  • Astra: Enquiries: / 01494 787513.Appropriate Body Lead: Amanda Brigden
  • Cygnus: Enquiries: / 01494 523961. Appropriate Body Lead: Sally Jarrett
  • WAM: Enquiries: / 01494 535564. Appropriate Body Lead: Victoria Morris

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