Meetings & Conferences

School meetings

Many of these meetings are by invitation unless you are an elected representative, a secondary head teacher, or a new head teacher.

• BASL (Buckinghamshire Association of Senior Leaders)
• FOSS (Federation of Small Schools)
• HAWG (Headteacher Admissions Working Group)
• PEB (Primary Executive Board)
• PHAWG (Primary Headteacher Admissions Working Group)
• Schools Forum

Autumn 23


1st  inset Day

6th - Corporate Director Briefing

7th - Early Career Headship, Safeguarding, Admissions/11+, SIS Support & Budgets 
8th Corporate Director Briefing

12th & 14th - Secondary Transfer Test

29th - BASL Seminar


3rd- Bucks Challenge

4th - BESST Action Hero Conference

5th - Early Career Headship - Resilience, Wellbeing and Mental Health

11th - PEB

12thHandling Difficult Conversations

13th - BASH

18th - BESST Instructional Coaching Conference


1st - Bucks Challenge Launch to Teachers

2nd - Early Career Headship, Creating a Culture and a Vision

8th - BASL Aspiring Leadership; Deputy Head's Conference

10th - Friday Forum AV, Curriculum Hubs

17th - Early Career Headship, Governance, SEND, Social Care, Exclusions

24th - Early Career Headship, Building a relationship with Parents and Governors


1st - BASL Seminar

5th - Early Career Headship, People Management & Developing your Team

6th - PEB

8th - BASH

Spring 24


10th - Corporate Director Briefing (PM)

11th - Early Career Headship Leadership and Management of safeguarding

12th - Corporate Director Briefing (AM)

19th - Early Career Headship, Financial Year End, Assessment, HR/Recruitment, Prevent

26th - BASL Seminar

30th - Bucks Challenge Network


1st - Early Career Headship, Managing a Complex Workload

2nd - BASH

7th - PEB

8th - BESST Curriculum Development Conference

22nd - Early Career Headship, Preparing for Ofsted


1st - Friday Forum CSB, Safeguarding

8th - Early Career Headship, Pupil Premium, GRT, PSHE & EVC

15th - Early Career Headship, School Improvement Planning

21st & 22nd Mar - BASL Conference

22nd - BASH

27th - PEB

Summer 24


18th - Early Career Headship, Updating the SEF 

23rd- Bucks Challenge Network  

24th - Early Career Headship, Succession Planning and CPD for middle Leaders

24th - Corporate Director Briefing (PM)

26th - Corporate Director Briefing (AM)


3rd - BASL Seminar

10th - Early Career Headship, Emotional Intelligence, Overcoming Challenges and Sustaining Motivation

13th - 17th - SATS Week

17th - BASH

22nd- PEB

23rd - Early Career Headship, Safeguarding, Admissions/ 11+, Year 1 Reflection and Summer jobs


14th - Friday Forum HW, Attendance & NEETs

28th - BASL Seminar and End of Year Conference


2nd & 3rd - Transition days

5th - BASH

10th - PEB


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