Guide for Writing a Nomination

Guide for Writing a Nomination

We are asking for up to 1,000 words to describe why you have made your nomination. Here are some top tips to help you write a nomination that will really wow the judging panel:

Please do:

  • Use the award criteria, listed under each award, to help you write the nomination. Please include an example of how the nominee(s) have achieved against each of the four requirements for each nomination. 
  • Add in information that brings the nomination alive and helps the judges to get a feel for the person/team. 
  • Refer back to the three core criteria for all awards; supporting others, having an impact and being innovative
  • Use evidence wherever possible, to demonstrate the impact of what the nominee(s) have achieved.  
  • Make your nomination stand out to the judges.  Using quotes and attaching images would really help bring the nomination alive. 

Best not to…

  • Put in too much detail to make the entry an essay rather than a succinct and effective nomination 
  • Ensure that you don’t provide personal information, and make sure that you stick to your school’s data protection policy. If you include photographs, please make sure that you have all the required permission to share and please refer back to your school’s photography policy before submitting.
  • Include links to websites or other documents. Our judging panel will be made up of lots of different stakeholders, all with different technology. 

Why is the context of the school important?

We have also asked for up to 250 words to paint a picture of the school for the judges. The entries will all be judged ‘blind’ without the name of the school or individuals, so a brief description of the school will help the judges understand the context within which the individual or team nominated are operating. Please include information on the age phase, size, location, cohort and any specific challenges facing the school

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