Side by Side Offer

Side by Side offer

Allocation of schools to strands

Early during the Autumn Term , all schools across Buckinghamshire are allocated to one of three strands;  Enhancement, Prevention or Intervention, this is based on robust intelligence and is a collaborative process between the Side by Side Partnership Team and School Leaders. 

All schools receive a letter detailing their proposed strand and the support offer for their school.  For proposed prevention and intervention schools, this will be discussed with school leadership either by telephone or through a visit.

The allocation of a school to a strand will be continually reviewed throughout the year, responding to changing circumstances within the school:

  • Where a collective decision is made between the Side by Side Partnership team and the school leadership that support through Side by Side champions is no longer required, a school will be moved from intervention/prevention to enhancement.
  • Schools currently receiving support through Side by Side - following the publication of a successful Ofsted inspection report, a ‘Transition Meeting’ will be convened between the School Improvement Advisor, the SSPL/C support and the Headteacher to collaboratively develop a tailored pathway to move the school to enhancement and the removal of bespoke support.
  • Schools requiring an increased level of support following an identified change in circumstances - will receive a letter from the Side by Side Partnership Team inviting them to discuss their proposed support strand.

Headline visits

Headline visits will be informed by the most recent Side by Side Data Dashboard and will be an opportunity for the Side by Side Partnership Team to ensure current and future deployments provide the support schools require. 

The Partnership Team will work with schools to review the impact of the Side by Side Leadership Champions (SSLCs) and Side by Side Pupil Champions (SSPCs) and ensure that Key Performance Indicators are monitored and progress is being made towards achievement of these.

Sharp and incisive quality assurance will be an integral part of the support for schools and the headline visits will be an opportunity to work in partnership with schools in planning this process.

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