Literacy Conference Dec 2021

Literacy Conference Dec 2021

December 2021

Sticks and Stones may Break your Bones but Words Can Really Change You

We were extremely pleased to welcome Matt Bromley to lead this conference.  Topics covered were:

  • The principles of effective curriculum design
  • How to use the curriculum to tackle social justice issues
  • How to build cultural capital through disciplinary literacy
  • The importance of curriculum continuity and collaborative planning
  • The features of effective primary-to-secondary transition
  • How to close the gap for disadvantaged pupils

Matt Bromley

Matt Bromley is an education writer and advisor with over twenty years of experience in teaching and leadership including as a secondary school headteacher and principal, FE college vice-principal, and MAT director. He is a public speaker, trainer, school improvement lead, and primary school governor. He remains a practicing teacher, currently working in secondary, FE, and HE settings.  Matt writes for various newspapers and magazines, is the author of numerous best-selling books on education, and regularly speaks at national and international conferences and events.

View the Sticks and Stones may Break your Bones but Words Can Really Change You presentation by Matt Bromely (Download)

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