Supporting Disadvantaged Children

Supporting Disadvantaged Children Workshop

support"The workshop this afternoon was in my opinion excellent, very worthwhile attending, thank you to everyone."

"The presentations of both speakers has inspired me to look closer at the subject of unconscious bias in my own world, society and schools, I will certainly be raising this issue around the governing body table."

Friday 11th December 2020 saw the first workshop in this project focusing on developing and sustaining a culture that is actively supportive of disadvantaged children and the many ways that this can impact on educational attainment.

The workshop included a contribution from Marc Rowland who has worked with many local authorities and the Education Endowment Foundation to support the attainment of disadvantaged children, as well as Sarah Soyei from Equaliteach who has worked extensively across Bucks schools on related issues.

We have recorded the presentations for you - these are available on YouTube and the links are below

Presentations & Handouts
Unconscious Bias Workshop led by Sarah Soyei (EqualiTeach)
  • Develop an understanding of why and how unconscious bias operates
  • Explore how implicit discrimination  can manifest through biases, micro aggressions and exclusion and how these can be challenged
  • Consider what is meant by culture and how to develop cultural awareness
  • Action plan steps to overcome bias and create cultural intelligence in their practice
  • At the end of the training, participants will be provided with a mini-audit and a reflective checklist so that they can go away and evaluate the work in their schools, identifying good practice and areas which could be improved.

View the presentation here

Download the presentation here

Handout - School Staff Equality, Diversity an Inclusion Checklist

Handout - Mini Self-Evaluation Audit

Building our understanding on academic research  - Marc Rowland

View the presentation here

Download the presentation here


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