Misbourne Liaison Group

Misbourne Liaison Group

Misbourne Liaison Group PosterImproving transition for pupils between KS1/KS2 and KS2/KS3 in Maths

  • Pupil interviews of Year 7 and Year 3 pupils about what their experiences of Maths is in Y2/Y3 and Y6/Y7. Analyse liaison group project data to find commonalities across the group.
  • Maths leads to meet to discuss outcomes of qualitative and quantitative data as well as practice across schools, including those things that have worked well, potential areas for development and whether there are particular groups to target.
  • Maths leads to agree visits between schools and the focus of these visits based on data analysis and review of practice.
  • Suggested times for visits: Y3 and Y7 teacher to visit Y2 and Y6 classes in Summer 2020 and Y2 and Y6 teachers to visit Y3 and Y7 classes in Autumn 2020.
  • Maths leads to review outcomes of visits and identify aspects of practice that need to change further. Identify if any cohort shared training would be beneficial and action if required.
  • Pupil interviews of following cohorts and compare outcomes from initial cohort.
  • Create suggested practice document that draws together experiences from teachers and pupils to support practice going forward.
  • Pupil interviews show improved outcomes on engagement and experience of continuity/ challenge for pupils.
  • Outcomes for pupils in Year 3 and Year 7 show continued improvement from end of KS outcomes (this may need to be left to Autumn 2021 to give baseline in Autumn 2020).

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