John Colet Liaison Group

John Colet Liaison Group

John Colet Liaison Group PosterReading. The Data for the whole Liaison group shows a dip in reading results for the Year 6 SATs at the end of 2019. With the changes to the Common Inspection Framework and a shared agreement across the group to work collaboratively


Engaging Readers.

  • Focus on disadvantaged readers to encourage broad range of reading
  • Engaging Parents to read to their children
  • Monitoring for reading to encourage challenge and inspirational reading
  • Exploring inspirational authors to present reading workshops to parents and pupils
  • Develop and share further strategies to engage all age reading in schools eg Book Clubs for parents/ Reading buddies/Mystery Readers
  • Exploring suitable accessible reading materials through visits to educational briefings
  • Development of reading Vlogs to be shared across Liaison group
  • Initial costs for books in setting up “Book find” trails in each schools locality
  • Time for subject leads/ team leaders to meet in preparation for Reading Clubs including both secondary and primary pupils.
  • Celebration event about reading to be hosted at the Secondary schools and embedded as collaborative working across phases

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