Cressex Liaison Group

Cressex Liaison Group

Cressex Liaison Group PosterFocus on vocabulary, looking at ways in which teachers can develop a richer vocabulary in children’s talk and written work across the curriculum – look at what schools are currently doing, what other schools more widely are doing, consider products such as Vocabulary Ninja and others

Focus on developing children’s knowledge across the curriculum and how this is organised so that there is clear progression, clarity for teachers, something that can be shared with stakeholders/external reviewers etc. by exploring the concept of knowledge organisers and, if appropriate, develop them in our schools.

  • Release DHTs/AHs for regular network meetings; research materials and/or books/ cost of any published resources such as Vocabulary Ninja if appropriate
  • Monitoring activities showing improved vocabulary
  • Staff/parent/governor feedback on knowledge organisers
  • Impact of work on vocabulary and knowledge organisers on external reviews/inspections
  • Feedback from DHTs/AHs on the impact of the collaboration on their own leadership
  • Inspection outcomes under the new framework
  • Writing attainment/progress measures July 2021 at the end of a key stage (whichever are agreed target year groups)

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