SACRE meeting October 2019

SACRE meeting October 2019

Agenda and minutes

Booker Park School, Stoke Leys Close, Aylesbury, 4pm to 6pm.


Welcome, apologies and period of silence

Val McFarlane welcomed everyone to the meeting and welcomed Anita Cramer, the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills.


Presentation by Booker Park

Presentation by Bethan Lang – Deputy Head at Booker Park, with responsibility for curriculum and assessment

Booker Park is a special school for children with complex difficulties. The SLT have undertaken a large review of the curriculum, which included reviewing the curriculum in other special schools and identifying the priorities for their pupils. A poor Ofsted in previous academic year was also a driver for change.

The new curriculum has three different pathways for children depending on their needs; informal pathway, semi-formal pathway and formal pathway. Formal pathway follows the National Curriculum (9% of pupils), Semi-formal pathway (majority of pupils) – working towards the NC, explorative stage, akin to an early years setting in the very much play led. Informal pathway – learning to communicate and early interaction skills, PMLD specialised classes, incredibly structured timetable.

Within the 6 areas – ‘what we want the children to be learning’ included. Well-being is seen as essential and needs to be embedded in timetables and curriculum. An understanding of pupil’s own identity and cultural identities, and an understanding and an appreciation of the identities of others. This is where the RE curriculum sits.

This is a new approach to curriculum development and is being constantly reviewed and refined.
BL agreed to support the development of the Agreed Syllabus from a SEND point of view.


Elections for Chair and Vice Chair

VM congratulated and welcomed MD to the Chair of SACRE. VM invited MJ to be Vice-Chair. MJ is an extremely valued member of SACRE, MD thanked VM for everything she has done over many years hard work on Buckinghamshire SACRE. MD presented VF with a present from the SACRE and KW presented VM with a present from the BCC team.

BM thanked VM for all her contribution and said how delighted and thrilled he was to have worked with VM over the years.

VM thanked SACRE for her time on the committee, and enabling her to continue to support pupils and schools. She is most proud of the SACRE website and the SACRED newsletters, and is still thrilled by seeing students getting enthused and passionate about the subject.


Matters arising

How information from schools visits is used

MS is not at the meeting and so BM proposed that this is discussed at the next meeting – building a plan of how to use the information over the course of the academic year.

VM visited RGS and saw a double Year 7 lesson and a single year 9 lesson. Year 7 lesson – the identity of British Muslims, the pupils were using a resource from Facing History. VM was very impressed with the resource. All students had undertaken a piece of homework on what it must have been like to be a German Jew during WW2. The teacher described her own family’s immigration history and experience. A significant action was the terrorist activity at the twin towers in 2001 which has reduced British trust in the Muslim community. Year 9 lesson – started by peer marking their homework, possible as strategies for completing the homework are included in the brief. All the students had tablets and they all completed a quizlet on the tablet. The teacher could analyse the results and adjust her next lesson to the weaknesses identified.

RGS will be teaching A Level Philosophy next academic year.

Ofsted advice on website

BM will put Ofsted advice for schools on RE, provided by NATRE, onto the SACRE Schoolweb site.

Ofsted reports with links

Some schools across the UK have gone into RI as it has been noted that they haven’t been providing a good level of RE – quality of education and curriculum. Learning to be shared by BM

BM to send primary and secondary NATRE reports to be put onto SchoolsWeb and NATRE guidance on primary curriculum.


Holocaust Memorial Day

VM has been instrumental in working with the churches in Wycombe to put on an event on the 29th January 2020 at All Saints in High Wycombe. Key stage 4 pupils from schools in the Wycombe area will be invited. There will be a contribution from Wycombe High School as they are working on the Holocaust. The day will also be linked to increasing Islamaphobia and increasing intolerance, as it is a day for all holocausts.

3 part day:

  • Introduction and need for churches to apologise (13th Century)
  • 20th Century – Kindertransport and the Forgiveness Project
  • 21st Century – ‘Stand Together’ – how we can make Wycombe into a cohesive community

MD has the name of Head of RE in each of the Wycombe Schools so a personal invitation will go out to each schools. All SACRE members invited and participation would be welcomed. TH offered to attend.

Meeting to be held Monday 30th October, 2019. All are welcome.


SACRED 11 review and looking ahead to SACRED 12

Edition 11 has not gone out yet due to low contributions, next deadline next Friday 1st November. AB feels reluctance from the committee members to contribute. TH, FF and KC offered to contribute.

AB is working with RB and the digital team to digitise SACRED in the longer term.

SACRE 12 – The Role of Worship. BM will work with AB to develop. MD suggested looking at each stage of the Agreed Syllabus to look at key questions.


Strategic plan

BM will circulate the Strategic Plan and has asked for comments and suggestions to be sent back to him. Deadline by end of November.

BM to circulate document containing % contribution that LAs should be making to SACREs from the central funding block.


Constitution, membership recruitment and networking

The constitution has been agreed and published. Teacher representatives needed. If anyone has met a teacher who would be a good representative on SACRE for committee C, please email MD and BM.

Committee C -1 teacher representative each is needed; Infant, junior, primary, upper, grammar, special, academy, free school, NAHT, ASCL

BM is developing a Side by Side RE Champion Network for Liaison Groups – suggestions for champions to BM by the end of half term please.


Monitoring schools

SACRE will be getting links to all new Ofsted reports.


Working groups

Suggests using working groups to:

  • monitor reports and sharing good practice in RE
  • development of SACRED and to support AB

BM to send an email around to all SACRE members asking for volunteers.

AA will send round SIAMs reports as well.


ASC + agreed syllabus

SACRE has agreed to set up an Agreed Syllabus Conference. This will comprise of the same membership as the SACRE itself, including co-opted members.

SACRE will now need two meetings a term to provide time to develop the new AS – additional meetings in Spring, Autumn 1 and 2 2020 and Spring 1 and 2 2021, Summer 1 and 2 2021.


Venues for meetings 2020 to 2021

February 4 - Chesham Bois to be asked
March 17 – SACRE/ASC day 2
June 10 – Place of Worship, Vineyard Church Aylesbury to be asked
July 17 – SACRE Development Day
October 13 – SACRE/ASC day 3
November 24 – SACRE/ASC day 4
February 9 2021 – SACRE/ASC day 5
March 16 2021 – SACRE/ASC day 6
June 15 2021 – SACRE/ASC day 7
July 13 2021 – SACRE Development Day

KC to provide MD with contact for Vineyard Church


Agreed Syllabus Conference


Ann Beaton
Anne Andrews
Barry Shine
David Liddle
David Watson
Frankie Fisher
Karen Crussell
Margaret Dean
Marjorie Johnston
Steve Terry
Sue Bowen
Tim Harper
Val McFarlane


Gerald Knight
Mary Saywood
Ralph Bagge
Zahid Jawed
Elaine Lever
Barry Shine
Sushma Sahajpal

In attendance

Katherine Wells – Education Officer BCC
Bill Moore – SACRE Advisor
Anita Cramer – Buckinghamshire County Council

Agreed Syllabus Working Plan

BM circulated a working plan with the agenda

KW and BM to work on a questionnaire on feedback on current AS and requirements/suggestions for next AS for survey monkey.

Writing Panel

New members are needed. Please let BM know of any suggestions.

It is preferable not to have members of SACRE on the Writing Panel.

The Heads of RS and RGS and The Grange have volunteered.

The Commission on RE has recommended that RE becomes Religion and World Views; the ASC will decide whether to follow this or not, on educational grounds.

We need an AS that will enable schools to develop a curriculum that is strong on knowledge, skills and key vocabulary, and is also sequential.
Schools need to be able to adapt it to fit their own requirements/needs.



KC is undertaking a research project ‘How does beginning a RE lesson with a short session on meditation help study’.

Any input would be gratefully received. BM can support with concepts.

The reflection next meeting will be Ann Beaton.

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