SACRE meeting February 2020

SACRE meeting February 2020

Minutes of the SACRE meeting held on

Tuesday, 4th February 2020 at Chesham Bois School


  • Ann Beaton
  • Anne Andrews
  • David Watson
  • Elaine Lever
  • Frankie Fisher
  • Gerald Knight
  • Karen Crussell
  • Margaret Dean
  • Marjorie Johnston
  • Mary Saywood
  • Steve Terry
  • Sue Bowden
  • Tim Harper
  • Zahid Jawed
  • Ralph Bagge (part)


  • David Liddle
  • Georgina Emmanuel
  • Anita Cramer

In attendance

  • Katherine Wells
  • Bill Moore
  • Sarah Payne (NATRE)

Welcome, Apologies and Period of Silence

MD welcome the SACRE members to the meeting, followed by a period of silence

Presentation by Chesham Bois School     

Katie Hassan, RE and PHSE Co-ordinator presented the Chesham Bois RE– Let the little children come to me.  Don’t stop them, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.  Matthew 13.  RE has a high profile at the school, it is timetabled weekly and is considered an important and vital part of the curriculum.  The school uses the ODBE scheme of work and have developed the curriculum to ensure children are given creative and experiential opportunities to learn.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of last meeting were accepted in full

Matters arising

Ofsted guidance has been completed.  To be published on SchoolsWeb 1st April  -  TP / BM

The proposed SACRE Holocaust memorial day had to be cancelled due to lack of interest from schools.  The rationale from schools was due to pressure from exams.

BM was discussing school trips with a secondary school colleague, who noted that if pupils are taken out for a visit, the supply costs are charged to the pupils attending

Side by side champions – there are developments regarding building RE co-ordinator meetings in both the North and South of the county.  BM to continue discussing with Yvette Thomas, Equalities and School Improvement Manager for BCC

New SACRE members – all members are invited to propose names of new members.  Please send to BM by 24.02.20

Strategic plan – BM received no responses to the request for comments on the strategic plan.  BM to send out again and comments to be sent back to BM by 24.02.20.  BM will publish on SchoolsWeb on 1st April.

Working Groups – 3 working groups need to be organised on the following topics:

  1. SACRED – BM, AB, MD, EL
  2. Monitoring RE/Collective Worship – AA, AB, BM
  3. Faith – Groups A & B (except AA)

NATRE website has a list of Ofsted inspections where RE has been mentioned – deep dives etc.

The monitoring group will also look at options available to the SACRE for non-compliance with statutory duties.  It was noted that this should be a supportive communication in the first instance.

SACRED 11 and 12 (worship – how it expresses belief and life stance)

AB expressed her dissatisfaction with SACRED 11 – the other SACRE members disagreed and commended her for her contribution

AB suggested having a ‘sharing section’ within the Agreed Syllabus – how schools had approached the Agreed Syllabus

KW to check that SACRED is sent out with the subject: FAO RE Subject Co-ordinators/RE Leads

BM asked SACRE members to contribute religion specific exemplification to SACRED 12, which could also be used in the new Agreed Syllabus.

AB suggested that we need to widen the contributor net broader than SACRE members for SACRED. 

SACRED group to meet and discuss way forward

Sarah Payne, NATRE – Role and RE networking

MD welcomed Sarah Payne, Regional Ambassador for South Central Area.  SP is a teacher who wants to support other RE teachers.   She looks after 5 counties – Bucks, Oxon, Herts, Berks and Bedfordshire, one day a month.

Vision – to link RE teachers who are feeling isolated, linking with the SACRE, classroom and academic research. Role is to help RE teachers, visiting schools, advisory work, letting them know that they are not alone.  Promoting grass level involvement in NATRE, AREIAC and SACRE.

New Ofsted framework – now RE may have a voice in schools. 

NATRE connects teacher to their local groups, group meetings, resources, teachers talk blog, local contacts. Facebook page, Twitter (#rechatuk) etc.Local groups website – search for ‘RE in your region’,  SP to share resources to support teachers to persuade school leaders for RE time in the curriculum.

Inspiring RE Conference – Wednesday 25th March 2020 – guest speaker RE Today’s Angela Hill. (Cost £50)  Website –

Membership recruitment

BM – we will all need to look at our roles and ensure that we represent our groups within SACRE.

AB will no longer be a governor at the end of this academic year.

School visits - update

MS reminded the group that the purpose of the SACRE school visit information is for the benefit of members – many of whom have not been in schools for many years.  The purpose is not to monitor the quality of RE in schools.

Update on recent visits; Curzon School visit – concept of stewardship was very positive, challenge was the need to do justice to other faiths.  RGS – SACRE observed a lesson on identity of the Muslim pupils within the school.  Would be positive for the two schools to work together

TH to discuss with Coleshill school if they still want a visit.  St Paul’s Woburn Green – MD to contact to arrange a visit.

Dr Challoner’s Boys visit by GK - very impressive RE provision.  Strong pupil contribution – driving the discussions. 

BM to discuss RE provision with Sir Henry Floyd, following movement of staff

MS distributed protocol for members visited schools.  To be shared with schools.  BM asked for protocols for dealing with concerns identified during visits to be discussed at next meeting

AA raised concerns noted by Chiltern Hills Academy regarding level of knowledge of year 7 pupils moving up from primary feeder schools. This is something that needs to be addressed in the new agreed syllabus

Promotion of SACRE in other meetings

BM has discussed with YT promoting the work of SACRE with other BCC Education groups – such as Headteacher groups, Governors etc


KW explained the format of Headteacher meetings in Buckinghamshire

Dates of next meeting

March 17th – SACRE/ASC Conference to be held at The Misbourne School, Great Missenden at 4 p.m.

Reflection given by Ann Beaton – As you breathe in, cherish yourself; as you breathe out, cherish all beings.  D. Lama

FF will provide the reflection at the March meeting

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