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Governor support

Governor support

Buckinghamshire Council will continue to take an active interest in the quality of governance in maintained schools, by promoting and supporting high standards of governance. To do so, Buckinghamshire Council will:

  • be the champion of high quality school governance;
  • help to ensure that governors have access to support and training in order to develop the right skills to execute their role;
  • implement appropriate monitoring arrangements to identify signs of failure in relation to governors’ oversight of finance, safety or performance standards.

The statutory elements of School Governance provision that Buckinghamshire Council will be providing for the new academic year 2020 - 21 are:

  • Approve LA governor appointments in maintained schools
  • Oversee the appointment of Parent Governor representatives to LA committees
  • Checking instruments of governance (compliance) for maintained schools
  • Establish IEBs and shadow governing bodies in maintained schools and intervene where appropriate in cases of under performance
  • Scheduling and organising key meetings such as Children’s Services Education briefings and the Governance Consultative Board
  • Maintaining Governor Zone on Schools Web and publishing Governor Times
  • Oversee administrative changes to school status
  • Maintaining and developing an accurate database of Chairs of Governors
  • Provide access/signposting to high quality training - see the Governor training page
  • Provision of mandatory information such as policy updates and model documents

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