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Child Protection: Procedures and Local Guidance

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Child Protection: Procedures and Local Guidance


The Child Protection Guidance for schools and other Education Providers has been revised in light of changes contained within “Keeping Children Safe in Education” 2016. An important feature to these changes are the guiding principles of Working Together 2015 and the central role schools play in multiagency working to support and safeguard children and young people.

Additional tools have been sourced and developed to support schools/colleges to develop their awareness and improve practices, on a range of safeguarding topics. Please contact the Education Safeguarding Advisory Service (ESAS 01296 382 912) for more details, particular focus at this time is being given to Child Sexual Exploitation, FGM and Mental Health in response to local and national findings and recommendations.

Local Guidance and Child protection Procedures


Safeguarding leaflets for use in schools

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