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Safeguarding Children in Education

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Child Protection Procedures and Local Guidance

The Child Protection Guidance for schools and other Education Providers has been revise in light of changes contained within “Keeping Children Safe in Education” 2016. An important feature to these changes are the guiding principles of Working Together 2015 and the central role schools play in multiagency working to support and safeguard children and young people.

Training and course notes


We deliver a range of child protection training for staff in schools: whole school, designated safeguarding leads and governors.  Training is also offered to enable Designated Safeguarding leads to deliver safeguarding and child protection training within their own settings.


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Education Safeguarding Advisory Service

We are a small team, based at County Offices in Aylesbury, who work with all education providers across the County, to support them to deliver effectively on their safeguarding and child protection duties in accordance with Education Act 2002, Working Together 2018 and KCSiE 2018.

What are our aims?


  • To ensure that the Authority carries out its responsibilities under section 175 of the Education Act 2002
  • This includes ensuring that schools/governing bodies are aware of their responsibilities and discharge them appropriately.

How can we help?

The team offers;

  • Child protection training on a range of topics for school staff, designated safeguarding leads and governors
  • Advice to Headteachers and Chairs of Governors /Safeguarding Governors to support strong governance and leadership on the subject of safeguarding, child protection and the promotion of children’s well being
  • Advice, support and guidance to staff in schools/colleges concerned about a child
  • Training and support to Designated Safeguarding Leads to enable staff to carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively
  • Collaborative working with DSL’s to develop a range of materials to support the development of a culture of safeguarding within schools and colleges
  • Facilitation of partnership working  with a range of agencies to facilitate  education providers effective participation in the child protection process

How are referrals made?

We do not carry out casework and therefore do not have a referral process, just pick up the phone and give us a call.

Safeguarding Officers

Tracey Ireland           01296 382817
Julia White                 01296 382828
Julia Goodes             01296 382822
Lindsay Snookes      01296 382157

Business Support Administrator

Jackie Kelly 01296 382912

Education Safeguarding Advisory Service

County Hall,
Walton Street,
HP20 1UZ

LADO Service

Jonathan Kempster &  Maria Thompson  - LADOs

Cathy Bock -  Business Support Administrator

LADO number: 01296 382070

County Hall
Walton Street
HP20 1UZ

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