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Safeguarding Zone

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Safeguarding in Employment

150_boy_reading.jpgBuckinghamshire County Council’s Safeguarding in Employment Team is responsible for reviewing and providing guidance in all areas of safer employment practice. 

Independent Safeguarding Authority checks (ISA First Checks) are required for all staff in schools to check that they are not on the ISA barred from working with children list.

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Safeguarding in Education

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The Education Safeguarding advisory service operates Mon-Fri ( 09.00-17.30). The role and function of the team is to offer advice, support and guidance to education staff to support them in carrying out their statutory responsibilities to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of children. The team offers a range of training packages for schools along with practical hands on support

  •       Safeguarding Children in Education (temporarily unavailable)
  •       Safeguarding Toolkit (temporarily unavailable)
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Safeguarding Training

150 Smiling BoyFrom 1 January 2010 the Government made it a statutory requirement for at least one member of each school interviewing panel to be accredited in Safer Recruitment.

Safeguarding Training

The safeguarding in Education Team provides child protection training for whole schools, designated senior persons and governors

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Child Protection Procedures and Local Guidance

150 Girl EatingThe revised Child Protection Guidance for Schools has been rewritten in line with the new Area Child Protection Code of Practice.

In response to a number of previous incidents, particular attention has been given to clarifying how schools and Governing Bodies should deal with allegations against teachers or other school staff.

  •       Child Protection Procedures and Local Guidance (temporarily unavailable)
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