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SOPHOS Enterprise Decommision

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Schools Technical Team:
Sophos Antivirus Service Change


This information is aimed at all schools, but predominantly technical IT staff will be taking the necessary action to make sure those machines they are responsible for maintaining, are not affected by the change. Schools that already have IT Admin and Curriculum services and devices from Bucks County Council’s School Technical Support Team (STST) are scheduled to be upgraded as part of our implementation plan and we are confident, not affected.

There may be machines in use at schools that are not directly supported by STST therefore, Secondary Network Managers or Schools where the Admin network is managed by a 3rd party must ensure that this work has been completed. Please see below for full guidance.


The Buckinghamshire County Council Schools Technical Support Team (STST) are planning the decommission of the Sophos Enterprise Console sever which we have been maintaining here at New County Offices to allow schools to gain Sophos Anti-Virus updates from within the schools network (BucksGFL). There is potential that this will affect some Sophos Enterprise Client installations which are still in use and also have update locations set to use this server, so below there is a description of how this decommissioning could affect different types of Sophos installation within Bucks schools. The removal of the server from the network will occur during this 2018 Summer holiday period and as such, any support or information required as a result of this should be sought before the end of this academic year.

BucksCC STST recommends all devices be migrated to the newer Sophos Central Solution and if any support is required please contact us to find out more about migrating and what is involved. STST have continued to partner with external providers so that schools have an option for an Anti-Virus solution at an affordable price point.


Sophos Enterprise 'Stand Alone' Clients

Stand Alone Enterprise Client installs are the most likely to be affected by the plan to decommission this update server, the way to confirm is to simply look at the configuration for the updates as directed in the section below; Confirming Update Locations.

 We have been working to remove as many of these client installs as possible from the STST supported schools, but as the process requires each school to complete some tasks to commission the new Sophos Central system, we have not yet succeeded in completing the migration for all school’s devices. If you have existing support with STST, then please get in touch to discuss the move to Sophos Central, otherwise any third party providers should be able to assist with appropriate advice.

 It is important that all schools maintain an up to date Anti-Virus Solution, so if you are unsure or are researching an up to date solution then please contact your IT Provider or BucksCC STST to find out more.


 Sophos Enterprise Console Server

 This action will not impact any current Sophos Enterprise installations directly as the Console/Server gets updates direct from Sophos, connected clients will therefor continue to get updates from their local management server. However, it should be noted that there is potential for connected clients to be configured with BucksCC Sophos Server as a secondary or even primary update source (see details of addresses in Confirming Update Locations section below).

If the decision of your school is to stay with the older Enterprise solution as opposed to migrating to Sophos Central, then action should be taken to ensure that the update policies in the Enterprise Console Server are correct so that all references to the BucksCC servers are removed and replaced with either the local Enterprise Console update service or the internet based Sophos update services.

 Sophos Central Installations

This action will not impact any Sophos Central installations, as this is latest version of Sophos and only accesses Sophos Internet services for all updates, configurations and policies.

Most of the Schools using the Admin and Curriculum services from STST will already be on this Sophos Platform, also many third-party providers are also known to have adopted this platform. If you have any concerns then simply get in touch using the below contact details and we can confirm.


 Confirming Update Locations

 If you want to confirm the update locations for the installation of Sophos on any machine then simply follow the below instructions to open the configuration of the update locations. Once you have done this you can easily see if either of the locations are directed to a Bucks County Council server such as http://schoolsav.buckscc.gov.uk/ or \\SIMS-MIRROR-02\SophosUpdate then please seek support of STST or your IT provider.

 Open Sophos Endpoint Security and Control in the Start Menu or by double-clicking the Sophos icon in the system tray, near the clock.


Once the Sophos Control Panel is open, Select Configure Updating, then simply confirm on the Primary and Secondary Location tabs that there are no BucksCC server addresses populated.



 We are happy to take any queries regarding this proposal to decommission the BucksCC Updates Services Server as we are confident that there are not going to be a large number of devices still using this system for updates. If in any doubt please email or call the support team.

 Email:        SchoolTST@BucksCC.gov.uk

 Tel:             01296 383500 - Option 2


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