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Jason Rhodes

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Jason Rhodes

ICT Analyst

Jason Rhodes V2

I was seconded to the School technical support team in November 2016. I had previously worked for both the Corporate Support desk and Deskside support team at BCC.  Prior to BCC I worked in IT support for a major international retailer for 16 years.

Since joining the schools team I have realised just how complicated a modern schools IT requirements are, no longer just a BBC micro on a trolley.  I have been involved in the Sophos renewal roll out to the schools and migrating your systems to cloud based Sophos support. We are constantly looking at other products / software we can utilise in the schools to improve your use of IT in both the teaching and Admin sides of your schools. If there are products you are interested in and would like us to investigate for you please let us know. 

I look forward to helping you resolve any issues you have and if I can’t help you I will endeavour to find someone who can.

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