Meet the STS Team

Meet the Team

Simon Hobdell

Technical Team Leader

I've been a member of the Schools Technical Support Team for 4 years and team leader for 3. 

I have worked in an ICT support environment for 30 years having spent 26 years working in the private sector. 

My role within the team is to ensure schools receive an excellent service and as a team we provide the best possible value for money for our Support and Services.

Jason Rhodes

Snr Technical Support Officer

I was seconded to the School Technical Support team in November 2016. I had previously worked for both the Corporate Support desk and Deskside support team at BCC. Prior to BCC I worked in IT support for a major international retailer for 16 years.

Since joining the schools team I have realised just how complicated a modern schools IT requirements are, no longer just a BBC micro on a trolley.  I have been involved in the Sophos renewal roll out to the schools and migrating your systems to cloud based Sophos support. We are constantly looking at other products / software we can utilise in the schools to improve your use of IT in both the teaching and Admin sides of your schools. If there are products you are interested in and would like us to investigate for you please let us know. 

I look forward to helping you resolve any issues you have and if I can’t help you I will endeavour to find someone who can.

Gareth White

Technical Support Officer

James French

Snr Technical Support Analyst

I have been with the team for 4 years now after starting off as an apprentice with a keen interest in computers and networking. Originally I was a 1st line support analyst, taking phone calls and attempting to resolve IT issues remotely; over time I have progressed in to 3rd line support, working more on the backend technical side of our systems.

I have had many opportunities to get involved with different technologies allowing me to learn about a wide variety of areas within IT. This allows me to investigate and diagnose less common issues easily and I am frequently asked for my input on outstanding calls.

James Hawkins

Technical Support Officer

I have been in the Schools Team since late 2005 when we were based in Great Hampden. I have witnessed a lot of changes since then and have gained a lot of knowledge along the way. My main area of expertise lies with the technical side of SIMS. I am a man of few words, only say what is absolutely necessary and I prefer my own company. When outside of work I do pretty much anything that does not involve computers. 

Simon Earl

Technical Support Officer

I have been working for the Schools Team in one form or another for the last 12 years. Currently I’m providing 1st line support to schools on technical matters and SIMS support issues.

Over the years I have been here I have picked up a varied knowledge of Windows operating systems, Servers, Networking and anything else that has helped me resolve the problems I have encountered.

However my areas of expertise is SIMS and in software installation. I have also begun to expand into training on the Technical Essentials course in which I cover the technical aspects of SIMS. 

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