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Gill Kershaw

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Gill Kershaw

Senior SIMS Support Officer

Gillian Kershaw

Having been an HLTA at a local Primary school for 10 years, which included a two year secondment in the Finance Office, I plunged into to the world of Secondary Education in 2011 and became an Examinations Officer and SIMS Administrator.    My experience in the Primary sector had given me a basic outline of SIMS, but my knowledge grew, by no small part, from my learning and interaction with the SIMS Support Team. (I think I may have had my own direct line!)  

I joined the team in March 2014.  I love solving puzzles so this job is ‘right up my street’ and I can honestly say no two days are the same. From training to telephone support, every day I learn something new and I am able to share this knowledge with our customers in the hope that it makes their working life a little easier.

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