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Carrie Paul

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Carrie Paul

SIMS Support Officer

Carrie Paul

I started working within schools 10 years ago.  My roles have varied from Teaching Assistant to School Manager of a Primary School. 

 When I first started working on the SIMS system I thought I would never understand the system and was always worried I would lose vital information! However, whilst working as a School Manager over the last four years I have learnt so much and I am still amazed by how much information you can input to SIMS and how beneficial it is to schools.  It is a fantastic way of fully understanding your pupil data and I love how you can extract a multitude of reports in different areas to share with your school staff.  

 I joined the SIMS Team in December 2017 and love being part of a great Team. I am continually learning each day and extending my knowledge in order to give the best SIMS support service to our schools. I am pleased to be in a position of helping and supporting staff within schools as I know how daunting using SIMS can be!

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