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Amanda Simpson

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Amanda Simpson

Financial Systems Support Officer 

Amanda Simpson

I started my school working life in September 2001 in a primary school in Aylesbury.  I was first employed for three hours a day as a school administrator which is where I had my first taste of SIMS. It didn’t take long to realise how brilliant SIMS is and how much it enables the smooth running of the school office.  It’s an amazing programme and very straight forward to use.  Of course there were times when I needed help where the SIMS support team were always at the end of the phone helping me with my queries. 

In 2016 I decided it was time to have a change of scenery and in the May I saw the SIMS team were advertising for Sims Support Officers.  I decided to apply and couldn’t believe it when I was offered the job!!  In the short time that I have been here I have realised how huge SIMS is and how beneficial to schools the programme is.

In April 2018 I transferred from SIMS support to Financial Systems support  and now confidently support Schools on FMS, PFM and PS Financials.

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