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School Census - Spring 2024  

SIMS Fileset 2604 - SIMS Downloads / School Census 

SIMS Guidance Notes & Presentation - SIMS Guidance Notes / School Census (Pupil)

Arbor Guidance Notes & Presentation - Arbor Guidance Notes / Spring School Census (Pupil)


Teachers Pay Award 2023  

SIMS  - SIMS Guidance Notes / Personnel / Teacher Pay Award 2023

Arbor - Arbor Guidance Notes / Teacher Pay Award 2023 Guidance Notes


New for 23 - 24

Statutory Data Returns Training package and Consultancy package


What is included in SIMS Annual Entitlement

What's included in your SIMS Annual Entitlement

Please read the below document which will list all the modules included in your Core and Assessment SIMS Annual Entitlement.

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