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Latest Team News

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Schools SIMS Team News

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ICT Schools Newsletter  Spring Edition Quick Link


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Capita SIMS GDPR Statement
An upate on the action Capita SIMS is taking to review the legislation and any impact of the changes

Recommended Support and Resources

DfE Guidance
Blog from the DfE on GDPR and Schools
Individual Rights - Right to Access
At a glance guide.
ICO Website for GDPR
An area of the ICO website dedicated to GDPR
12 Steps for GDPR
Documentation from the ICO on working towards GDPR
 ICO Blog
This blog tackles many myths around GDPR
ICO Self Assessment Toolkit
Help you get ready for GDPR
ICO Privacy Templates
A good starting point if you need to write a Privacy Policy
School Information
Information to the public about school data from the ICO
Microsoft GDPR Hub
It will take time, tools, processes and expertise for you to comply with the GDPR and Microsoft's brand new GDPR hub can helpyou on your compliance journey.
YouTube Video
Data protection for the education sector
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Schools Finance Systems Support Team News

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Bucks County Council are delighted to announce they are now the sole official partners of PS Financials for Bucks and can offer:- 
  • Support for PS Financials included in your SIMS Support package
  • Discount for Academies equivalent to 20% of your Capita Annual Entitlement
  • Two packages available including one with all-inclusive training and workshops
  • Both packages include support by telephone, email and remote access
  • Numerous ad hoc services available including a cloud based backup service, on site bespoke consultancy and a bursar / admin service
  • Support from an established team, supporting schools for over 20 years 

For more details please contact Sheryl Everett (01296 383500 Opt 1) or Helen Hart (01296 383500 Option 4) or by email ictschools@buckscc.gov.uk

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Schools Technical Support Team News

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Sophos Intercept X Next-Gen Windows Device Protection

The days of straightforward file scanning are long gone. The goal is now to prevent threats from reaching the schools devices, stop them before they run, detect them if they have bypassed preventative methods, and not just clean up malware, but analyse and undo everything it does to your schools Windows devices.
Protect Vulnerable Software
Sophos Intercept X has anti-exploit technology that stops threats before they become an issue by recognizing and blocking common malware delivery techniques, thus protecting your endpoints from unknown threats and zero-day vulnerabilities.
Effective Ransomware Detection
CryptoGuard technology detects spontaneous malicious data encryption to stop ransomware in its tracks. Even if trusted files or processes are abused or hijacked, Sophos Intercept X will stop and revert them back without any interaction from users or IT support personnel. CryptoGuard works silently at the file system level, keeping track of remote computers and local processes that attempt to modify your documents and other files.
Add Next-Gen Protection to Your Traditional Security
Sophos Intercept X compliments existing anti-malware and antivirus implementations delivering powerful next-gen anti-exploit and anti-ransomware protection traditional products lack. By eliminating the attack vectors which traditional solutions don’t block, Sophos Intercept X helps to harden your security posture and increase resilience.

For more information and prices, please contact the Schools Technical Support Team

To see how Sophos Intercept X protects your PCs from Malware attack, Please watch this Video (Provided by 3rd Party)

01296 383500 Option 2


Whole School Wi-Fi Offering

STST have been able to provide a Wi-Fi networking solution for schools enabling basic internet access for staff, students and guests. The team has continued development to integrate the Wireless securely with the curriculum network, so we now offer a Wi-Fi infrastructure that supports the use of Laptops and other supported mobile devices around the school within the curriculum computer environment. Multiple wireless signals allow for a secure Curriculum Wi-Fi in parallel with unsecured or open Wi-Fi signals for guest, staff and students users or even BYOD solutions.
Please contact the team to discuss any Wi-Fi requirements you have.
01296 383500 Option 2


 Sophos Mobile - Support for your Schools Mobile Devices

Sophos Mobile is a comprehensive EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution with extensive features for Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). Manage iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile devices side-by-side.
Remote configuration and setup
Spend less time enabling the use of mobile devices in the School for increased productivity, and rest easier knowing that the associated risks are reduced. Configure School-owned devices remotely with a powerful selection of policies, profiles, and configuration options, and install, remove, and manage apps on those devices.
For more information and prices, please contact the Schools Technical Support Team
01296 383500 Option 2


Purchasing iPads or Windows Tablets?

Due to our buying power as a County Council, we are able to offer Apple iPads and Window tablet devices at a great price.
Benefits include:
  • Centralised purchasing with highly discount rates
  • Technical assistance via Sophos mobile (chargeable)
  • Remote centralised administration of iPads (chargeable)
  • Latest iPads and Windows 10 tablet devices
  • Windows 10 devices can be connected to current network infrastructure, if support by us.
Using leading edge technology Future Digital’s active monitoring solutions ensure that schools and colleges are fully equipped to fulfil their duty of care and deal with new safeguarding challenges presented by the digital world.

As schools and colleges increasingly work online it is essential that children are safeguarded from potentially harmful and inappropriate online material.

Using the latest in cloud technology Future Digital’s dynamic and intelligent active monitoring solutions can support your school in safeguarding your students and ensuring that you are fulfilling your statutory obligations under the Prevent duty.  Future Digital’s solutions ensure that leaders can oversee the safe use of technology when children and learners are in their care.
Featuring an intuitive user interface that visually displays problematic activity or behaviour and advanced incident management Future Digital’s solutions ensure that safeguarding managers can instantaneously and easily identify potentially concerning incidents in the e learning environment and take action immediately.
  • Captures and alerts teachers to any harmful digital content activity or behaviour
  • Sophisticated reporting module that utilises an intuitive user interface ensuring instantaneous identification of potentially harmful digital activity.
  • Dedicated radicalisation module developed with multi agency support and updated on an ongoing basis.
  • Profiles trends & behaviours helping staff to form successful safeguarding strategies based on real Knowledge.
  • Advanced incident management means that staff can identify and focus on more vulnerable children learners.
  • Supports institutions compliance with the Prevent duty.
  • Encourages and shapes responsible behaviour in the digital world.
  • Peer to peer cyberbullying.
  • Instances of grooming including radicalisation and sexual threats.
  • Inappropriate or harmful behaviour on social media apps.
  • Exposure to racist homophobic or extreme language.
  • Inadvertent exposure to inappropriate web content such as sex, violence or radicalisation.
  • Deliberate access to inappropriate web sites.
  • Accessing online gambling and shopping sites.
  • Alerts institutions to real world issues that young people may be experiencing e.g. domestic violence neglect etc...
For more information and prices, please contact the Schools Technical Support Team
01296 383500 Option 2



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