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CPD Training

Workforce Development CPD programme

School Improvement and Workforce Development have designed a CPD programme to meet the needs of Buckinghamshire schools.  With over 400 courses available to all school employees, supporting staff to continue to maintain up to date expertise to help them face the challenges ahead.

Training can be provided to a group of staff, a whole school, an individual basis or through networking events.  Some courses are targeted at meeting the needs of the specialist seeking to share good practice, look at innovative initiatives and develop further their expertise in a specific area or aspect.

Buckinghamshire County Council recognises that with increased delegation and autonomy, schools now have far more freedoms and flexibility when it comes to identifying and selecting how they will develop and support their employees. We remain committed to providing high quality support, at local venues and at reasonable prices and we hope that the provision on offer will not only challenge and support your colleagues, but provide excellent value for money.

More courses will be added throughout the year in response to breaking news and changes from central government.  Please check the programme, ONE online, schools bulletin and schools bag for new events and updates on availability. 

Safeguarding Training

Safer recruitment Training

From 1 January 2010 the Government made it a statutory requirement for at least one member of each school interviewing panel to be accredited in Safer Recruitment following the recommendation from the Bichard inquiry (2004).
An on-line Safer Recruitment course is available through the NSPCC.  Training including accreditation is also available through face to face training (see below).

Face to Face Safer Recruitment Workshops

BLT Governor Services deliver their own highly successful Safer Recruitment training, in partnership with Steps Learning and Development - an external drama based training organisation. Courses have been specifically tailored for Schools and include interviewing skills practice. Details of the courses are available here on Governor Zone or on GovernorHub here

Safeguarding Children in Education Training

Safeguarding in Education have designed child protection training for whole schools, designated senior persons and governors.  Advice is given to Schools about their responsibilities with regards to child protection in general and in the preparation, attendance and participation in CP conferences.  Further information is available here

CRB Processes and Operational Training

Training is available on processes related to CRB checks including the management of the school Single Central Record of checks. Schools should contact the Safeguarding in Employment team via the HR Support desk for more details.

Leadership Briefings are delivered each term on breaking news, legislation and operational changes relating to safeguarding in employment and CRB matters.  More in depth training is provided where complex legislative changes (such as the Vetting and Barring Scheme) are introduced.
For further information visit the Governor Development Programme.

Governor Training (Including Child protection)

Good governor training and support is the key to ensuring that all governing boards are effective and equipped to fulfil the important functions demanded of them. The Governor Development Programme includes an induction programme for new governors of Academy and LA Maintained schools. Further courses support governors in understanding their roles and responsibilities, including financial management; safeguarding in education; performance management; health and safety; equality and the curriculum.

For further information visit the Governor Development Programme

Health and Safety Training

To help schools fulfil their legal responsibilities for health and safety a comprehensive health and safety training programme is available.

Book and view Health and Safety Courses

HR Employee Relations training courses

HR Employee Relations Advisory continue to offer up to 5 hours free training, for one delegate per School or Academy, whereby you purchase our Core HR Package. Aimed at Head Teachers of Senior Leaders with line management responsibilities.

Using Informal HR Procedures

14th October 2016, 9.30 am – 12.00 High Wycombe - The Hub


19th October 2016, 9.30 am – 12.00 Aylesbury – The Healthy Living Centre

Using Formal HR Procedures

16th November 2016, 9.30 am – 12.00 Aylesbury – The Healthy Living Centre


18th November 2016, 9.30 am – 12.00 High Wycombe – The Hub

These two 2 ½ hour workshops help line managers understand the principles of general HR procedures and give practical advice on real life situations and ‘best practice’ ideas on how to maximise the benefits of following HR policies within the workplace to help managers resolve ‘people issues’ quickly and effectively.  Ideally the same delegate should attend both workshops to maximise the benefits of these workshops.   

Other Employee Relations Training

Difficult Conversations

16th November 2016 1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m. Aylesbury – The Healthy Living Centre

Control Emotional and/or Challenging Conversations

This workshop will provide you with practical advice and guidance to help you to stay in control of whatever situation comes your way as a line manager.  Overcoming any reluctance or inexperience in dealing with emotional or difficult performance and conduct issues and minimising the risk of employees working less effectively, going sick or submitting a grievance.  Get it right and you can improve levels of performance, attendance and employee engagement

Employee Engagement

18th November 2016 1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m. High Wycombe – The Hub

How to Build and Develop Strong Teams. What is employee engagement,  and how is it important

This workshops aims to provide practical advice and guidance on how to identify opportunities to increase employee engagement and loyalty within your School, and will provide you with tools to help measure and monitor engagement level

All Spaces on workshop can be purchased for additional delegates at a cost of £90 per session.  Schools & Academies that are not Core package customers can also book places at £90 per session.

Please email HRServicedesk@buckscc.gov.uk to request your place.

SIMS Training

The ICT Schools Service is committed to helping schools make effective use of Information Communication Technology.   This includes the support, training and provision of Management Information Systems (SIMS) to increase the achievement of all children in all schools.  Our courses focus on the SIMS software which schools use to manage students/staff/curriculum/assessment etc. 

In addition, we provide broadband Internet services, a Remote Back-Up Service to avoid the use of tapes, technical support for curriculum suites and a complete managed ICT service for schools.

The SIMS Support team provides training, workshops and seminars on SIMS schools’ software for contracted schools.  Training and workshops held at our Aylesbury training rooms; seminars are held in Winslow, Aylesbury and High Wycombe.  Training courses are provided for new staff starting in schools.  Training subjects are based on specific areas of SIMS (eg Assessment).  Workshops allow staff to come to our training rooms and log on to their systems remotely and receive expert guidance on key tasks.

Our services are open to schools who have bought a contract with us.  Training courses, workshops and seminars are free to schools buying in to most levels of our service.  Expert on-site SIMS consultancy is available at additional cost.  If they have contracted they are entitled to ‘free’ training courses/workshops and seminars.  Schools who do not take our service contract may come on courses for a charge (£190 per day) but are not able to book on workshops and seminars.  Further information is available here.

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