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Starting work without a check

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Starting work without a check

An individual should not begin working until the DBS Certificate has been received.  However, in exceptional circumstances, the individual may begin work on completion and submission of a Risk Assessment Form completed and authorised by the Headteacher.  The DBS Check must be in process with the DBS before a Risk Assessment and Barred List Check can be used.  To request a Barred List Check please complete the Barred List Check request under HR Services via the Supportworks Portal.

1) Ask the applicant for their consent to the barred list check – please download the form template below and ask the applicant to complete it

2) Submit a barred list check request via the relevant eform on the Service Desk Portal and retain the result from the HR Service Desk. NB: Make sure all surnames of the applicant are included in the form and their DoB is correct. If incomplete or incorrect information is provided, the barred list check will be invalid.

3) Complete the Risk  Assessment eform and upload the Regulated Activity Barred List consent form and the barred list check result to the eform and submit.

4) The Pre-Employment Risk Assessment and supporting paperwork must be checked and approved by the DBS/Safeguarding in Employment Team before the person can start.  You will receive confirmation from the DBS/Safeguarding in Employment Team that the Pre-Employment Risk Assessment has been approved and you will need to upload this to the electronic Schools Notification of Appointment Form.

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