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DBS certificates which contain information ("Positives”)

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DBS certificates which contain information ("Positives”)

A “positive” DBS Check is one which contains criminal information as notified by the DBS.

When a DBS Certificate is issued which contains information, an email will be sent from the eDBS system advising you accordingly. The HR area of Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) will not see this Certificate.

BCC strongly recommends that you follow the guidance below to ensure that the DBS Check process is completed in order to mitigate any potential risk:

  • Arrange to meet with the applicant to see the original DBS Certificate and discuss the content with him/her.  This discussion will enable you to make your employment decision based on all relevant information.
  • Complete a DBS Certificate Positive Risk Assessment, the DBS Certificate Information Sheet and ask the applicant to sign the Applicant’s Consent Form to give you permission to copy his/her Certificate, where appropriate.

Should you wish to seek advice on the content of the Certificate prior to making your employment decision, please telephone Pat Stappard, HR Safeguarding Consultant, on 01296 382231.

Any Risk Assessments and copy Certificates sent to the Safeguarding in Employment DBS Team should be hard copies and marked Private and Confidential.  Please do not send these documents electronically.

The outcome will be recorded on the eDBS system to complete the DBS Check process.

If you decide not to seek advice and guidance, please let the Safeguarding in Employment DBS Team know the outcome of the employment decision so that we can update our eDBS system appropriately.  You may still complete a DBS Positive Risk Assessment and send it to the Safeguarding in Employment DBS Team where it will be held securely.  

Please note that where the outcome of the employment decision remains outstanding, the DBS Check process will remain incomplete.

For information, the DBS Risk Assessment may be stored, securely, indefinitely although any copy of a DBS Certificate and the DBS Certificate Information Sheet that you keep must be destroyed within six months.

Complex Positive DBS Disclosures

Where the content of a DBS Disclosure presents particular difficulties because of the information disclosed then that case should be discussed with the Headteacher and a decision should be made about whether the case needs to be forwarded to the Special Panel for dealing with “complex” positive DBS Disclosures. (Further information about the “Special Panel” is available from the DBS Team in the Resourcing and Safeguarding Team of HR.)

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