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Information for Academies

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Information for Academies

Section 128 Checks for Proprietor Governors in Academies and Free Schools

Section 128 of the Education and Skills Act 2008 prohibits unsuitable staff and proprietors from “taking part in the management of an Independent School.”  For the purposes of this legislation Academies and Free Schools are now included in the definition of an “Independent School.”

Chair of Trustees – Academy Trusts

Identity verification form for the chair of trustees – academy trusts (including chairs of multi academy trusts), free schools and independent schools only

Every new chair of trustees must now complete an Identity Verification form in accordance with Department for Education (DfE) requirements.  This is in addition to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check which is still required.

Prohibition Orders on Teaching Assistants and Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Prohibition Order Checks for TAs / HLTAs undertaking “teaching work” are required and a record of each Check made should be recorded on the Single Central Record.

For further information about Prohibition Order Checks for TAs / HLTAs please refer to the guidance below.

Where an individual is prohibited, their details will appear on the Prohibited List which is administered by the NCTL and can be accessed through the Employer Access online System (now Teacher Services)

Single Central Record guidance for MATs

It is a statutory requirement (Keeping Children Safe in Education, September 2016 Paragraph 112) for all schools and academies to keep and maintain a single central record (SCR) of recruitment and vetting checks for their whole workforce (including volunteers, supply staff and teacher trainees on salaried routes). Academies will also need to keep the same information for all members of the proprietor body.

Ofsted have recently clarified the following for MATs in relation to holding information on their SCRs:

  • Every academy in a MAT needs to maintain an SCR. Where the MAT employs staff who are not assigned to an individual academy, those employees must be recorded on a SCR for the MAT, along with all others employed by the MAT and its trustees.
  • MAT teaching staff working in more than one academy – where teaching staff work in more than one academy across the MAT, they should be recorded on the SCR for one academy. This should be the academy where they spend the most teaching time or the one against which they are recorded for pay and other purposes. For other academies where the member of staff operations, there should be a reference on the SCR to the fact that their record is held at ‘XX academy’.
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