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Overtime -  Bucks Pay Employees

Bucks Pay only allows;

  • Contractual Overtime (Where an employee is permanently contracted to work longer than their contracted hours) or;
  • Voluntary Overtime (Where the Council asks an employee to work overtime and the employee is free to turn down the request as there is no contractual obligation on either side to offer or refuse overtime).

Overtime Payments process

  • For part time employees overtime will be paid at the normal hourly rate for any hours worked up to 37 per week
  • Time and a half is paid to employees on Ranges 1 – 6 for any hours worked over 37 per week
  • Normal hourly rate is paid to employees on Range 7 and above for any hours worked over 37 per week

Overtime is claimed via the Overtime eform. This is filled in by the bursar and then sent to the Head Teacher for approval. Once it has been approved, it gets sent through to HR via SAP and processed automatically. Please ensure that overtime claims have been approved by the 12th of the month to ensure that the employee is paid for that month.

Overtime - Teachers

Overtime cannot be claimed for teachers who work on a full time contract. Part time teachers claiming overtime will do this as supply work and claim it through the Supply teaching eform

Teachers who are doing extra work need to fill in a paper claim form. They will then hand this to the school’s bursar who will input it on a Supply Teachers e-form. This will then be sent to the Head Teacher for approval before being submitted to HR via SAP.

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