Paying teachers and support staff

Salaries are paid on the last working day of every month including December.

Pay types

Teaching staff

Teachers are paid on National Conditions based on the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document, published each year by the government.

Salaries are paid on various pay ranges:

  • unqualified
  • main
  • upper
  • leading practitioner
  • leadership

Allowances (eg, Fringe, Teaching and Learning responsibility, SEN, recruitment and retention) can also be paid depending on the contractual requirements of the role. The schools pay policy should set out the criteria for these payments.

LGA information
2017-18 pay scale points – joint guidance
NASUWT – letter to the Director of Education
Teachers pay 2018-2019

Bucks Pay schools

Support staff are paid on:

  • Bucks Pay Employment conditions
  • Bucks Pay (Schools) pay ranges

Each Salary Range has 5 incremental points; employees will receive an increment on the 1 April each year (subject to satisfactory job performance) until the top of the range has been reached.

Increments for new employees or existing employees who have been re-graded or promoted (less than 6 months) will be paid on 1 April.  Those with start dates between 1 October and 31 March will receive their first increment six months after being in post.  Thereafter increments will be paid on 1 April each year until the top of the Range has been reached.  

Incremental progression is subject to satisfactory job performance.

For further information visit the Buck Pay Scales page.

Supply teachers

See our supply teachers page for further information. This is for Bucks payroll subscribers only.



Model pay

All maintained schools are required by statute to have a pay policy. BCC recommends that this policy should include how pay decisions for both teachers and support staff will be applied.

Model pay policy 2018 Changes shown
Model pay policy 2018 Clean
Model pay toolkit 2018 Untracked

Term-time work

Term-Time Work Policy



All eforms and paper based claims should be sent to Human Resources by the 12th of the month in order to be included in that month’s pay.

If the 12th is a weekend or bank holiday these will need to be submtted the previous working day.


Calculating salary

To calculate an employees salary and full time equivalent see the pay calculations (Contracts and Payroll subscribers only).



To contact the Tax Office, call 0845 3000627

You will be asked to quote the PAYE reference number for Buckinghamshire County Council which is 120/B50500. Academies will have a separate reference number.


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