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Hearing Packs

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Hearing Packs

Do you need help with the copying of the information packs for Conduct & Discipline or Grievance Hearings?

filing_cabinet.jpgDo you have the space, time or staff to be able to do this whilst ensuring confidentiality? If not Corporate Business Support can help!!!!!

We offer a confidential service that will copy and present the information packs in a professional manner, we can even help organise a courier or postage out to the recipients (please note all these costs are rechargeable).

Costs for this service depends on the size of the pack and how many copies so please contact us for a quote.

Please email CBST-HR@buckscc.gov.uk for the attention of Angela Melhuish or Tricia Whiting.

Customer feedback for the service

I just wanted to write to thank you so much for pushing the boat out to get all the papers copied and collated and then couriered out for this hearing at short notice. I can’t tell you how much this is appreciated as it means such a lot to all of us at the school to get this process concluded and your printing support has been vital in getting this to happen.”   Anne Sheddick

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