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DBS rechecks

DBS rechecks

Buckinghamshire Council DBS recheck policy

Whilst there is no legal requirement to obtain a new DBS Certificate, as far as the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is concerned, Buckinghamshire Council has adopted a policy to ensure employees are appropriately checked on a regular basis.


DBS check renewal

DBS check renewals are usually once every three years and are recommended specifically for:

  • staff who work on a one to one, often unsupervised basis with children, young people or adults at risk of abuse e.g. social workers, education welfare officers, home carers
  • staff who work at a number of locations and/or work with minimal supervision e.g. supply teachers
  • staff who have had relevant previous convictions and/or cautions
  • staff who have given cause for concern
  • staff who present higher risk concerns e.g. who may have spent considerable time living and/or working abroad.

There is however a general expectation that staff and volunteers working in schools will not be required to obtain DBS check renewals unless they fall into one or more of the categories above

A Headteacher is responsible for determining which occupations and areas fall into the above high risk categories.

A Headteacher is expected to consult with the Safeguarding in Employment Team before determining which staff are required to be rechecked. 


Breaks in service

Staff who have a break in service of longer than three months are deemed to be new starters on any return to work with the council.

Staff will usually be required to have a new DBS check on returning to work.

Maternity and sick leave are excluded as a break of service.

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