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Additional vetting checks

Additional recruitment vetting checks

Teaching Regulation Agency Checks 

In addition to obtaining the DBS certificate, anyone who is appointed to carry out teaching work will require an additional check to ensure they are not prohibited from teaching – the prohibition order. A prohibition order means that the person concerned is not allowed to undertake unsupervised teaching work in schools or other settings.

LA maintained schools: Prohibited from teaching for TAs are not required.
LA maintained schools: For HLTAs are required if “teaching work” (see the attached guidance) is undertaken.

From 18 January 2016, any European Economic Area (EEA) authority that is responsible for regulating the teaching profession must share information about any restrictions imposed with all other EEA teacher regulators. From 5th February 2016, there is a requirement to undertake a further “Teachers sanctioned in other EEA member states list”

With effect from 3 September 2018 (KCSiE) the following lists should also be checked:
the Historic GTCE Sanctions & Restrictions list should also be checked by schools / Academies for any teaching staff; the “Teachers who have failed induction or probation” list which is also at the Teacher Services website must also be checked by schools / Academies to confirm that any teaching staff are not on the list.

All five lists can be checked via the Teacher Services website:

  • Teachers who have failed induction or probation
  • General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) Sanctions
  • Teachers and others prohibited from the profession
  • Teachers sanctioned in other EEA member states
  • Section 128 barring directions

We recommend that the first four lists above are checked for all teaching staff (not just new teaching staff) and recorded on an SCR.

Prohibition orders September 2018
Prohibition Orders on Teaching Assistants and Higher Level Teaching Assistants December 2017
How to process teacher services check September 2018

Childcare disqualification regulations

These apply to staff and volunteers: 

  • working in childcare provision
  • who are directly concerned with the management of childcare provision

The Childcare (Disqualification) and Childcare (Early Years Provision Free of Charge) (Extended Entitlement) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 prohibit anyone who has disqualified themselves under the Regulations, from working in a relevant setting, including in schools and it is the school’s responsibility to undertake these checks.

Please note that this requirement to check the ‘disqualification’ status of relevant staff and volunteers is in addition to existing checks such as Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks.

Childcare Disqualification Regulations 2018
Staff Disqualification Declaration Form
Staff Disqualification Declaration (Refresher) Form

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