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Please log into view the HR Zone

You need to buy into BCC Human Resources to access the HR Zone.

If you would like to buy into HR or to add additional packages please go to our Traded Services portal

If you have already subscribed to a package but can not access the appropriate area of the website, please contact: hrservicedesk@buckscc.gov.uk / 01296 382233


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What's New?

New safeguarding in Employment / DBS area

Buckinghamshire County Council’s (BCC) DBS Safeguarding in Employment Team is responsible for implementing and applying the latest developments in government legislation and reviewing guidance and providing advice and support in all areas of safer employment practice, including the processing of statutory DBS Checks.

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Helpful Hints

hr_helpdesk.jpgForgotten your SAP number?
You can find this on the top of your payslip

Moved home or moving soon?
1.) You should change your home address so that we have accurate up to date information on our payroll system 
2.) You will need to notify Pensions separately about your change of address

Have you changed your bank?
1.) Bank details are changed on the bank credit request form found on SchoolsWeb.
2.) You must do this by the 12th or the Friday before if the 12th falls on a weekend, of the relevant month to hit payroll deadlines

Are you on an "OT " tax code?
Check the tax code on your payslip, if it is OT or BR you could be paying too much tax. You will need to send your P45 from your old job or a P46 to Payroll.

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