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Incident / accident reporting

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Incident / accident reporting

All BCC employees and employees of maintained schools are responsible for reporting any health and safety incidents or issues to their Manager, Headteacher or Supervisor.

Incidents include the following

For the purpose of the new incident reporting system AssessNet; an incident will encompass everything that happened during an event”. 

  • Accident – is an undesired, unplanned incident that resulted in injury, damage or loss to persons or property.  
  • Near miss – is an undesired, unplanned incident that did not result in injury, damage or loss to persons or property but had the potential to do so
  • Workplace Violence - Any incident, in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work. This includes physical and non-physical acts.


School staff have been trained on the system (typically 2-3 people per school) and can use this to report incidents related to employees, pupils and visitors etc. Schools may have their own internal procedure for recording incidents. It is advised that the more serious incidents are to be recorded on the online system AssessNet.

The Headteacher may decide that they wish to be the person who completes any RIDDOR reports that need to be sent to the Health and Safety Executive. Please contact the Health and Safety team for this permission access. healthandsafety@buckscc.gov.uk

For further information on incident reporting please refer to the Health and Safety Polices, section 3.1 BCC Incident Reporting Policy and templates attached to this page.

Display screen equipment (dse) assessments

We are currently in the process of reviewing a new online DSE assessment system.

While the development is taking place, it is advised that any DSE user who needs to complete a new DSE assessment is to use the HSE’s checklist. When the checklist is completed inform Line Manager to address any issues.   

If further help or advice is needed with your workstation, please feel free to contact the Health and Safety team via healthandsafety@buckscc.gov.uk

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