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Routine Playground Inspection Course

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Routine Playground Inspection Course

This course will be looking at a range of:

  • play equipment
  • playground surfacing
  • importance of good regular hands-on inspection
  • the value of good record-keeping
  • overall look at safety issues around a school from the outside

The aim of the course is to give delegates the confidence to carry out routine inspection with a greater understanding and knowledge This course is for staff responsible for managing and maintaining a safe playground environment, i.e. caretakers, bursars and head teachers

Suitable for - this course is aimed at those who are responsible for routine (daily/weekly) play equipment inspections

Refresher training required? – yes, every three years

Course dates

Date: tbc

Time: tbc

Venue:  tbc

Course costs

Maintained schools & services - £165 per person for advertised dates

Academies, VA, VC & externals customers - £200 per person for advertised dates

How to book

Please email handstraining@buckscc.gov.uk confirming: 

  • full name
  • school or service you are from
  • title and dates of course you wish to attend
  • email and telephone contact details for confirmation

Please let us know of any special dietary requirements.

If any of this information is missing from your request, we will not be able to process your booking quickly, which may mean your place on the course is compromised.


Teas and coffees on arrival and throughout the day

Lunch provided – please confirm any dietary requirements on booking

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