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Pupil Discipline Committees

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Pupil Discipline Committees

The governing body itself (or its discipline committee where one is in place) has no power to exclude a pupil from school, as only the headteacher (or acting headteacher) has this power. The governors’ role is essentially one of reviewing the headteacher’s exclusion decisions. Governors may delegate this function to a Pupils Discipline Committee. Guidance on exclusion is available on the DfE website.

Certain fixed­ period exclusions and all permanent exclusions must be reviewed by the governing body, having regard to guidance given by the Secretary of State. Where the governing body has upheld a permanent exclusion, the parents may appeal against its decision.

Further information and guidance documents for Governors can be found on the Exclusions and Reintegration area of the Schoolsweb. Useful documents for Governors and Clerks can be downloaded below.


It is very important that governors who are called to review exclusion decisions receive training to equip themselves to discharge their duties properly. BLT offer high quality training for governors and governing boards. Please call 01296 872345 or email govhelp@learningtrust.net for more details.


If it is apparent to the governing body that the purported exclusion is not for a disciplinary matter, it is unlawful and cannot stand, and they do not need to investigate further. The governors would have a role in the consideration of any complaint a parent may make about the unlawful exclusion, but that should be considered separately via whatever complaints procedure the school has in place (as it may involve different governors from the discipline committee).

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