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Sex Education Policy (Statutory)

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Sex Education Policy (Statutory)

Applies to

Maintained Schools, Academies, Free Schools


The governing body of a maintained school should make, and keep up to date, a separate written statement of its policy with regard to the provision of sex education, and make copies of the statement available for inspection (at all reasonable times) by parents of registered pupils at the school and provide a copy of the statement free of charge to any such parent who asks for one.


Governing body free to delegate to a committee of the governing body, an individual governor or the head teacher.

Review frequency

Governing body free to determine (recommended - at least every 3 years)

DfE Guidance

Sex and relationships education guidance


Maintained Schools - The Education Act 1996: Section 404

Academies and Free Schools – Funding Agreement requires these schools to have regard to DfE guidance on Sex and Relationship Education.

It is recommended that this information should be published on the School’s website.

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